In-App Icons Design for Priyo Shikkhaloy

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The primary objective of this project was to enhance the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of Priyo Shikkhaloy, a job preparation app, by creating a visually cohesive and intuitive set of in-app icons. The icons were designed to improve navigation, clarity, and overall user engagement within the app.

Scope: The project scope encompassed the research, design, and implementation of a comprehensive set of icons, ensuring they align with Priyo Shikkhaloy’s brand identity and contribute to a seamless user experience.

Key Components:

Icon Research:

Conducted a thorough analysis of existing icons within the app, identifying opportunities for improvement and standardization. Researched industry trends and best practices in icon design for educational and job preparation apps.

Style Guide Development:

Established a style guide that defined the parameters for the iconography, including size, color palette, and visual style. Ensured alignment with Priyo Shikkhaloy’s overall brand identity for a consistent look and feel.

Icon Design:

Created a custom set of icons, prioritizing clarity and simplicity to effectively communicate the functionalities they represent. Iteratively refined designs to achieve a visually appealing and cohesive iconography system.

Iterative Prototyping:

Shared initial icon designs with stakeholders for feedback, allowing for iterative improvements. Adjusted designs based on feedback to ensure that the icons resonated well with both users and the app’s goals.

Integration with App Design:

Collaborated closely with the UI development team to seamlessly integrate the new icons into the app’s interface. Ensured visual consistency with other design elements, maintaining a harmonious overall look.

Usability Testing:

Conducted usability testing to assess user responses to the new iconography. Gathered feedback on clarity, recognizability, and overall user satisfaction. Made necessary adjustments to optimize the icons for improved user understanding and engagement.


  • The introduction of a visually cohesive and intuitive set of icons improved the overall visual hierarchy and clarity in app navigation.
  • Enhanced user engagement and satisfaction through aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly icons.
  • Achieved a consistent and cohesive visual representation of app features, contributing to a unified user experience.


  • Completed set of custom-designed in-app icons.
  • Style guide document for future reference.
  • Successfully integrated icons within the Priyo Shikkhaloy app.

Future Considerations

  • Regularly revisit and update the iconography based on user feedback and evolving design trends.
  • Consider expanding the icon set as the app’s features continue to evolve.


This project has successfully elevated the UI/UX of Priyo Shikkhaloy by introducing a thoughtfully designed set of in-app icons. The focus on clarity, consistency, and user engagement has resulted in a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience for job preparation app users.